About us

The CPA Pro Shop is an exclusive bodybuilding and fitness competition brand. The brand was founded in 2018 in Canada. We deliver workout and competition apparel and accessories to athletes, promoters and judges Canada-wide.

Our mission is to provide exclusive workout & fitness apparel, as well as, accessories that are distributed to promote the federation that athletes will represent at competitions (internationally, nationally & regionally).  Showcasing our unique brand, we are using the finest materials detailing the CPA Brand in selling top quality clothing and accessories.  We have competent staff that do their due diligence to achieve its mission. 

With customers in 10 provinces and 2 territories, we are proactively spreading the workout and fitness apparel & accessories Canada-wide. Whether you are a fan of the sport, a bodybuilder, a physique athlete, a bikini or a figure, judge, promoter, male or female, our design team provides you with the apparel that ensures you the best and most comfortable fit.

We deliver our products from the province of New Brunswick and Display our Exhibition Booths for sales at all CPA Pro-Qualifiers and Random Regional Shows throughout the year.


We strive to achieve great customer service and to ensure delivery of your order in an appropriate and timely manner.


Thank you for your business!